AgentMax Online

AgentMax—Built with you in mind

AgentMax has been helping travel agents like you increase their sales and income for more than a decade. Now, we've made our award-winning sales tool even easier to use. AgentMax Online gives you greater flexibility, efficiency, and an all-around better selling experience.

An easier way to sell

Reach your financial goals by booking more travel insurance policies.

  • Create quotes faster and track sales with ease to earn more commissions—some of the highest in the industry
  • Send automated 2nd Chance by MaxMail offers to customers who decline insurance so you’ll never miss a sale
  • Put your logo and contact information in front of travelers with easy access to our brochure ordering tool and personalized marketing materials

A smarter selling tool

Work more efficiently while you’re in or out of the office.

  • Work seamlessly with interconnected capabilities on your desktop, smartphone, and tablet—so AgentMax is on when you are
  • Access customer information, saved quotes, and product details in seconds—you’re in, you’re out, and on to your next customer
  • Enjoy an intuitive digital experience, a fast quote—creation process, and automated updates for hassle-free sales

A greater experience

Spend more time helping customers and keep them coming back.

  • Focus more on your customers and less on the sales software—AgentMax is designed to maximize your time with travelers
  • Help your customers find the value in having travel insurance with expert selling tips
  • Keep your customer loyal and happy with your recommendation, to the tune of a 97% satisfaction rating

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Stay ahead of the competition

These AgentMax features allow you to…

With all the improvements that are happening, there has never been a better time to put the power of AgentMax Online to work for you.

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The word is in: AgentMax voted best in class by agents like you

2016 Gold Magellan Awards, AgentMax: Travel Agent Organizations

2016 Gold Magellan Awards

AgentMax: Travel Agent Organizations
Overall, Travel Insurance

2015 Gold Magellan Awards, 2nd Chance by MaxMail

2016 Gold Magellan Awards

Individual Travel Agent
Overall, Travel Insurance

2017 Silver Magellan Awards, AgentMax Online by Allianz

2017 Silver Magellan Awards

AgentMax Online by Allianz: Travel Agent Organizations
Overall, Travel Insurance

Questions you might have about AgentMax Online

  • The online version of AgentMax was specifically designed to work on any device.
  • We’ve streamlined the process to make it faster and easier to create a quote.
  • Passwords are required to accommodate increased security.
  • You can quote, buy, modify/cancel travel insurance plans, order brochures, access the waiver, see News & Resources, and set up 2nd Chance by MaxMail.
  • Simply log into the client version, click Tools, and select AgentMax Online from the drop-down menu.
  • Enter your email address and ACCAM number in the corresponding fields.
  • Click the “Verify” button to confirm the information you provided.
  • You will receive an email from
  • Click the “Verify” button within the above email.

It's that easy!

No, you can use BOTH the online and software versions interchangeably. The online and software versions are connected, so all of your bookings can be viewed in both.

With all its features, benefits, and enhanced capabilities, AgentMax Online is the right solution for all agents, and with its continuous improvements it will become the only resource you need.

Based on customers’ trip details, this feature provides specific product recommendations for quotes to either agents via AgentMax Online or to customers directly via QuoteMax.

QuoteMax is a tool that can be uniquely generated and put on your agency website(s) to enable customers to buy insurance directly while still crediting the agency.

Yes, reports can be generated from the new “Reports” tab, and just as in the software version, earnings can be tracked.

Hit the ground running

Enhance your customer’s purchase experience with MaxMail: Send cobranded emails with personalized quotes and have trip details conveniently pre-filled at checkout—making it easier for customers to protect their vacations. Whether they contact you or complete the purchase online, you automatically get credit for the sale.

Increase the likelihood of landing a sale with 2nd Chance by MaxMail: Set up a series of automated follow-up emails that will be sent to customers who have declined insurance. Then sit back and let the sales come to you by switching on the global setting for everyone who has not yet protected their trip.

Effortlessly boost your business’ bottom line with QuoteMax: Add a quote box to your website in just a few clicks so it can work harder for you. When customers use it to purchase travel insurance, you automatically get full credit for the easy sales.

Step-by-step training to get you started: To help you get the most out of your account, we’ve created a printable training guide to walk you through all the updated features.

Ready to put our award-winning sales platform to work for you? Watch this quick demo for help creating your AgentMax Online account. Follow four simple steps to get signed in and start taking advantage of automatic revenue generating tools like second-chance emails and a quote widget for your website.

Make the most out of your AgentMax Online account: Find out how to get a quick quote, view and manage policies, and order customized brochures. Plus, boost your selling potential by setting up automated 2nd Chance by MaxMail emails, adding a quote widget to your website, and seamlessly integrating your Clientbase system for easy invoicing.

Step-by-step guide for connecting to ClientBase: Managing your customer data when booking travel insurance just got easier. Use this easy setup guide to connect AgentMax to either ClientBase Plus or ClientBase Online.