Snow storms may frequently disrupt air travel during the winter months. For many storms, your airline may be able to get you on your way within a few hours of your scheduled departure. For longer delays, airlines frequently allow customers to change their plans without a change fee. In the event of a storm, contact your airline before you depart for the airport to learn about potential delays and rescheduling options.

Please review your Letter of Confirmation and Certificate of Insurance/Policy to find out more details about the coverage that you've purchased.

If you have an Allianz Travel Insurance policy and need to file a claim, please visit our online claims center.

List of storms and the date that they became foreseeable events:


Winter Storm Jonas - January 19, 2016

Winter Storm Mars - February 8, 2016

Winter Storm Olympia - February 14, 2016

Winter Storm Quo - March 1, 2016

Winter Storm Regis - March 18, 2016

Winter Storm Selene - March 24, 2016

Winter Storm Caly - December 12, 2016

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