Getting on board is easy

Our award-winning tools, support, and customer service make it easy to choose us as the right travel insurance partner for you—plus, joining the team is a breeze. With over 25 years in the specialty insurance and assistance industry, we can help you reach your business goals, work more efficiently, and provide a better customer experience.

Reaching higher is easy

We’ll help you increase your sales and grow your business

  • Earn some of the highest commissions in the industry when you sell a travel insurance plan
  • Develop a strategy to attract more customers with training, assistance, and licensing support from our dedicated sales team
  • Send automated second-chance offers to customers who decline travel insurance—so you’ll never miss a sale

Going the distance is easy

Our tech tools can keep your business running smoothly

  • Work seamlessly across devices with the interconnected capabilities of AgentMax Online
  • Create marketing materials that are customized with your information and logo through our simple-to-use online ordering tool
  • Discover easy ways to sell trip protection with access to our online Travel Agent Academy and Agent Marketing Guide

Looking good is easy

Our award-winning assistance will put you in the best light

  • Keep travelers loyal and happy with trip protection that comes with a 97% satisfaction rating
  • Give your customers 24/7 hotline assistance and access to our TravelSmartTM app to help with medical and travel emergencies
  • Rest assured your travelers will be treated like family—over 200 million customers trust us and our protection products every year